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Highly Detailed Traffic Stencils in Carnation, WA

If you’re in need of long-lasting traffic stencils, you’ve come to the right place. TSI offers quality products to help you with your painting projects. Whether you’re looking to buy stencils to mark roadways or parking lots, we have exactly what you need. Email us for pricing with sign stencils and signs

There are some circumstances your company may encounter that call for a specially created stencil to provide unique information. For example, you may need to make workers aware of certain conditions that have to be maintained to ensure safety or give graphic representation of specific procedures to be followed. In those cases, you don’t want to take any chances of a misunderstanding occurring.

Rather than placing a hand-made sign that does not adequately provide the crucial information, you can rely on our custom sign stencils to deliver the message loud and clear. If you need traffic stencils to ensure the safe flow of vehicles or pedestrians on a temporary or permanent basis, we can provide the reusable products that you require.

Flexible Messaging

Our group crafts individual letters and numbers for paving companies, municipal road crews, and other organizations. Accuracy and attention to detail define our approach to fabricating stencils that fit your needs on the ground. In addition, your letters must be easily reusable and consistent.

To ensure both of those benchmarks are met, we have equipped our shop with an advanced CNC router and trained our staff extensively in its use. It’s important for a facilities department for a major retail development to have reusable lettering when new buildings are added to the configuration. When a change in traffic flow is needed, you can’t afford to take chances with confusing directions. 

Materials Make a Difference

Tell us what material works best for your organization and the environment that you operate in regularly. We understand that techniques and approaches differ across our client base. Talk to us about what works and what doesn’t, and our team will get to work crafting the individual lettering that fits your approach. 

We are eager to talk about our fabrication process and learn about your needs as well. Our group is ready to provide you with a free estimate on the pricing for your new stencils and traffic barricades.

How Are They Made?

One of our top priorities is to make durable road stencils that you can use again and again. To do this, we use a top-of-the-line CNC router and a 4’ x 8’ flatbed table to create our products. We use a design program to map out the sign stencils for: 

  • Parking Lot Stencils
  • Compact-Car Stencils
  • Roadway Arrows
  • Custom Stencils
  • Handicapped Parking Symbols
  • Motorcycle Parking
  • No Parking Stencils
  • Individual Letters and Numbers

Once this is done, the outline is transferred over to a CNC computer that then signals the router to cut the design out of plastic, wood, or aluminum.

Examples of Our Traffic Stencils in Carnation, WA